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Well I guess when you came from overseas and you don´t understand or speak german you will wonder, what this site is about. Fryswelt is a small company from northern Germany, which offers you the possibility to get a text or written content. I am a writer and I write about everything you want me to write.

The price for my service is just 2,5 Euro-Cents per word. For your better understanding: the price per word is 0,025 Euros, wich is pretty cheap. Whatever you want - I write it for you. Due to the fact that I have a part of my family living in Australia I am able to write english business lines for your website as good as affiliate lines for your professional selling projects.

If you are searching for a good german writer, who writes german lines for your project, you are already at the right place. Just contact me and we will find a solution for your project. You can give me the briefing to your text order in english and I will answer you in your language. When we make an agreement I just need your order written down in a separate declaration and I will begin to work it out for you.

When I finish my work I will send you the text in a protected PDF-Data, that you can check it out. If you have wishes for changings - no problem, just let me know and I will do the corrections as you wished it. If you are fine with my work just pay the amount, which is written down in the PDF-Data, and I will send you your text in an unprotected Microsoft Word Data. The Text is now yours and you can do with it whatever you want. Offcourse you will get a bill from me, which is in absolutely duration with the law.

Please notice that the full text belongs to me as long as you pay the full amount. You are not allowed to use the text or parts of it untill you pay the amount. So, how can you pay the amount to me? Thats quite simple because I give you the possibility to pay via Paypal, Skrill oder Neteller. Other payment methods unfortunally can´t be accepted from me.

Please notice too that my writing service is not my Mainjob. We will have to organise our agreement in a way, that I am able to work your order out. If you are not sure about the changing rates from your currency to Euro you have the possibility to check it out here.

If you need more lines and you have a few orders for me, you can safe money with my Loyality Program. The Loyality Program is a way for me to say "thank you" to my loyal Customers. There are four steps in the Loyality Program. Please take the time to notice them here.

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